Hellma wins 1st place at STADTRADELN 2023

Environmental Commitment and Remarkable Teamwork

We are thrilled and filled with pride to announce our first-place victory at the STADTRADELN 2023 event in Müllheim, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. With unwavering commitment and as a strong team, our employees achieved remarkable results and made a significant impact on the environment.


Pedaling Towards a Greener Future

This year, 57 dedicated Hellma cyclists participated in the campaign – from apprentices to Hellma retirees, as well as families and friends of employees. Together, we proudly covered 15,416 kilometers by bike and saved an impressive 2,497.3 kilograms of CO₂ emissions. Our collective mileage could take us to six of our sales subsidiaries - starting with Hellma UK, through Hellma Benelux to France, then on to Hellma Germany, Switzerland, Hellma Italia, and to our colleagues at Hellma Asia in Singapore. This illustrates the positive impact of our commitment to environmentally friendly transportation.

It was an exciting neck-and-neck race in which every kilometer counted. No kilometer was too far, and no weather too hot. In total, 22 teams and 353 cyclists participated in Müllheim from June 19 to July 9, 2023. All teams cycled an impressive 73,183 kilometers together, resulting in a CO₂ reduction of 12 tons.


STADTRADELN: Beyond a Competition

STADTRADELN is a nationwide campaign that encourages people to use bicycles as an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative mode of transportation. The concept is to cycle as a team, covering as many kilometers as possible, thereby reducing CO₂ emissions. In addition to the sporting competition, the focus is also on a joint commitment to sustainable mobility. STADTRADELN offers a great opportunity to experience the benefits of cycling, protect the environment, and raise awareness of climate-friendly mobility.


Promoting Coroporate Values

For us, STADTRADELN was not just a competition, but also an opportunity to promote our corporate values such as team spirit, sustainability and health. We are taking part in STADTRADELN for the third time in a row and we aimed to further improve our results compared to last year in terms of participants, kilometers cycled, CO₂ savings and ranking. »Every individual and every kilometer counts«, emphasizes Ms. Bösch, HR Generalist. » Whether commuting to work, shopping or on the way to daycare - every contribution to environmental protection counts.. We are proud that employees, retired former employees, as well as their friends and acquaintances contributed to CO₂ savings as a united effort.«


Sustainability in our Corporate Culture

At Hellma, we have been deeply committed to environmental and climate protection for many years. Our measures include e-charging stations, bicycle parking spaces, and participation in the JobRad program to promote climate-friendly commuting to work. Since 2005, we hold the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification and harness our potential to produce our own energy through photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Additionally, we are members of the Zielgerade 2030 alliance, committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2030.


Networking for Environmental Protection

We take immense pride in being a strong team, dedicated to contributing positively to the environment and health alongside our employees.

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