Measurement of gases in the production of polyurethane

Safe and Reliable Analysis of Gases Used in Manufacturing Processes in the Chemical Industry

Owing to their high reactivity, gases act as an important constituent in the manufacture of numerous chemical products. For many industrial applications, gases are a crucial part of the process chain. Before they are fed into the manufacturing process, the composition of the gases used in the process must be precisely analyzed. Impurities or unwanted by-products such as moisture can cause extremely high costs, as subsequent process steps are negatively affected.

For optimum production efficiency and high product quality, it is important that measurements within the process chain are carried out in real time and are very reliable. Particularly precise results are achieved through spectroscopic online measurements using optical probes or measurement cells, which can be used to measure directly in the process stream.


Metrological solution made by Hellma

For online installations to measure gases directly in the process or in an environment close to the process, Hellma has developed the Excalibur HD FCP process measurement cell. Measurements are typically performed at-line, e.g. in a bypass or in a protective cabinet together with a spectrometer. The »Excalibur HD FCP« is available in three different designs. The model based on standard Swagelok components, is particularly suitable for gas measurements. The special construction allows different optical path lengths to be realized over the pipe length. This enables the measurement of impurities in the process gas in the ppt range. The measurement is carried out in transmission along the pipe axis.

Your advantages

  • Increased process reliability through direct integration into the product flow
  • Universally applicable thanks to its robust design (stainless-steel cell)
  • Can be used up to a pressure of 250 bar and temperatures of up to 300°C
  • Cost savings are achieved as it eliminates the need for time-consuming sampling and analysis in the laboratory
  • Maintenance-free and readily available thanks to standard materials
  • Compatibility with all common spectrometers
  • Safe use even in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 and 22)


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