DNA-, RNA- or Protein Measurements

with highest precision directly in a spectrometer

Micro volume analysis with the TrayCell 2.0


The Hellma TrayCell 2.0 is a fiber-optic ultra-micro measuring cell for the UV/Vis micro volume analysis (0.7 - 10 µl).

It is designed to measure samples such as DNA/RNA or protein with an outstanding level of reproducibility.

The dimensions of the TrayCell 2.0 are equivalent to a standard cuvette in order to work in most spectrophotometers.


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Innovative Solution for the UV/Vis based DNA and Protein Analysis

The New TrayCell 2.0

High-tech on the smallest scale - with a patented operating principle

Advantages of the TrayCell 2.0

High quality UV / VIS spectroscopy accessories

TrayCell 2.0 Product Details and Accessoires

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TrayCell 2.0 | Innovative Solution for the UV/Vis Based DNA & Protein Analysis

TrayCell 2.0 (User Manual & Broschure EN / DE)



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